Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hubby B-day Art Project

Today is My hubby's birthday, but we will celebrating on Thursday with his family over for dinner!  

In honor of his birthday we did a fun art project/present!!  I went to Tar-jay and picked up some finger paint, painters tape, and foam poster board!  When I got home, I got the boys de-clothed and sunscreened up, taped up poster board.  The finger paint said it was washable, but why risk it on such a nice day!  I squeezed some paint into several coffee filters, and told the boys to cover the board in paint.  

Things started a little slow, but soon enough both hands on each boy were covered and spreading paint!  When they were done, paint was well spread on them and the board!  

Once the boys were done, I removed the tape, and the result.....                                                                Love it,

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