Work it Out

I am a couch potato. There it is, the truth. I need to lose weight, get health. I used to workout, play sports, but this all changed a 6 years ago with a surgery that had many permanent complications! I have hid behind this, not exercised, partly fear, and partly didn't want to do the work. Two days ago I ran, 15 minutes smushed between 15 minutes of walking. I walked in the house in told the hubs, I am going to be so sore tomorrow, but I wasn't!
So yesterday, I went for a walk.  Forbid that I run to days in a row, however, I did kind of review the couch to 5k program, and it suggests a three time a week run program.  Now, I am not following that exactly, (I like doing my own thing), it was a great reference.  I have signed up for a 5k,  I am super duper excited for it.  I will bring the stroller, have the kiddos dress up and get candy while I work out, PERFECT! 
Wish me luck!

How did you, or will you start your work out life??

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