Monday, July 30, 2012

Voss I Spy Bottles

My husband kids are driving from Minnesota to Florida, in about 2 months for a Disney Cruise (affectionately known as the Mickey Boat, in our home!).  Yep, I know we just might be CRAZY!  Since this will be a long car ride with toddlers, I have been busy looking for car friendly, yet entertaining activities for them! 

To do this I turned to a little addiction of guessed it Pinterest!  I found the Homemade I Spy Bottles.  From the research Voss Water Bottles seem to be the best bottle for this.  It is glass, not plastic, which has both good and bad qualities.  Any who...

Directions to make I Spy:

1.  Drink water from bottle
2.  Wet and scrap laser printing from bottle (I used a little adhesive remover and a metal scrapper with a razor blade attatched)
3.  Wash, clean, and dry water bottle
4.  Find little trinkets to place in bottle (I used erasers, buttons, sequins, beads, and other random items)
5.  Place trinkets and rice in bottle
6.  Shake up
7.  Glu top on with Gorilla Glue

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