Thursday, July 12, 2012

these little piggies...

Last year at the Great Minnesotan get together (officially known as the Minnesota State Fair), I bought some nail polish pens.  I watched the demo and was hooked.  Mined you being the only girl in the house, my husband didn't watch the demo and thought that I was an idiot for spending some of our alloted State Fair funds on such a product.  Didn't he understand it has lifetime replacements and $2 gets me a new pen!!  Who out there is thinking, this ones a sucker??  Hmmm??  You might be right, but I love those little pens and I don't summer toe designs with them.  

Look at my most recent creation....

Essie in turquoise & Caicos
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails xtreme wear in Disco Ball
Migi Nail Art in white and pink

What do you think?   What are you go to nail colors??

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