Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pina Coloda Cupcakes!

The title says it all!  Yummy, yummy, in this girls tummy!  I love coconut flavoring in just about anything, but these cupcakes are legit ah-maze-ing.  I found the recipe at http://traceysculinaryadventures.blogspot.com.  I modified it slightly.  I found the Cream of coconut at Walmart.  I read online that you can only find the can of coconut in liquor store, and liquor  stores aren't open on Sunday in Minnesota, and I made these delicious babies on Sunday!  Proof  Walmart does have everything!  However I am a Target girl myself!!!

Recipe...unforuntunately I don't remember this is my second post about this as I accidentally deleted the first one!  What can I say I'm new to blogging!  I'm also new to frosting..and I really new to workon it dont ya think!!

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