Saturday, July 14, 2012

donut holes!

I went to Target the other day to part take in some alone time, and of course shopping!  I quickly found the seasonal section.  Everything was on sale.  In by the other "makers" was the Bella Cake Pop and Donut Hole Maker the signs all around said 50 percent off!! I took the box to the nearby price scanner, the shelf price was 19.99,  the scanner said 19.99.  Hmmm, I picked up the courteous phone, an associate came!  She looked at the shelf, and scanned the box, her scanner came up 19.99, she said they are in the wrong location.  My heart sank.  But she said I will give it to you at that price and remove the rest.  Score!  Thanks target!  Once again you come through!  I brought my maker to the cashier, got it for 9.99 and smiled happily!!

Now to's activity, donut  holes!

I used the baked chocolate donut recipe I recently blogged about!  

They turned out GREAT!

Next adventure...cake pops!

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