Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baked chocolate Donuts

Baked Cholate Donuts-  (in a muffin pan)
Okay, I am fully aware that donuts are not considered healthly and that if you are trying to loose weight you shouldn't be eating them, however, I have two toddlers who LOVE their chocolate (I wonder who they got that gene from?), and as far as donuts go these are pretty heathly! 

The recipe is from Alli n Sons. AH-MAZE-ING site.

I put the final product picture at the top because I was delighted with it. I do not have a donut pan, so I made them in a regular size muffin pan.    I had to cook them for 15 minutes instead of the 8-10 per the site directions.  I served them with dinner tonight to my toddlers (1/2 a donut per customer), and they scarfed it.  I don't think Peanut even took a breath and asked for "MORE PEAZ" before he was even finished with his. Bobo, (for those wondering, no those are their real names) he started telling the dog to go away.  YES, this is the very same dog that he usually loves to feel.    
I believe in putting the sweets on the plate if we are going to have them, so the kis do not think of it as a reward. 
VERDICT: I will definitely make these again.  I haven't tried one, but with the toddler response, it is a go.  Hubs is not home, he is working late, but I am sure he will approve!

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